“furniture” sketch- Repositionable Padded Hammock.

New Doc 2

This, this is the future of furniture. It can accommodate most poses, even less stationary ones. Take our friend shown on the paper. You would believe that they need to stand up or be preparing to roll away from something. Perhaps they stumbled, maybe they are in a fight. For whatever reason, he would normally be in this position for a short amount of time. Not with the Repositionable Padded Hammock(RPH)! While currently in its development phase, I plan to make this the first flying piece of furniture that can be owned by the common man!

My thought process began with much frustration, as I had to think of this from scratch. An early form of this was actually shaped more like an airbag with some form of propulsion, but it was the first scrap. Afterwards, I began thinking of items that hold up people in various ways, and a raft was the first idea that came to my mind. “But wait,” my logic told me. “A raft is too rigid to shift with a persons positions, not to mention they are only useable on water.”

I knew I desired the item to be jet propelled in some shape or form. A shared fuel system just seemed right, leading to me thinking of tubes making a square. When I thought of that, it reminded me of nets for net-guns. Placing fuel tanks in my mental picture, they looked like pillows. So, I decided that they would be padded and act as the plating for the overall platform. With the spaces between each tank, there is enough flexibility for the Hammock to be rolled up, or for it to bend for comfortable accommodations.

The padding is gel covered by a mesh fabric, which covers the fuel tanks. each fuel tank is connected to the rope system, made up of a fuel-line, cloth cover, and then put in dynamic rope, to help lessen the stress found when users fall onto the device. While it may be hard to tell in the sketch, the rockets would be painted white with hidden seams. With four colors for the pads at start-up, final plans would be that people can order custom colors.

The (Not so much) Da Vinci

Honestly, I have no clue what this is meant to be


I mean really, it is so hard to discern even basic shapes from this! One image does come to my mind. Something resembling a sea serpent, I’m not sure. When I was directed to get a lot of lines on the paper, I over did it, ruining my original concept. I knew what i wanted to draw with my eyes closed. It would try to resemble a Great Heron.

One of these guys.

One of these guys.

But I over did the doodling, causing the garbled thing up at the top of the post. Shows what too much work can do to a good thing I guess.

My Hero; Emily Jayne Weber

Currently, a person I admire heavily is Emily Jayne Weber, known online as Zimeta. Her art style and storytelling heavily represents how I would prefer to make games or movies. Her graphic novel May the Rains Come (MtRC) is a well told story about a soldier returning from war with PTSD (William), while forming a loving and heartfelt relationship with a girl that suffers from memory problems (Sonia). In most cases, this would make a person imagine a sad, dark tale about people living in fear and mental stress, which it does have some elements of. But Emily Weber portrays her characters as unique, Disney inspired animals. While having a light look in many areas, the subject is extremely deep and thought provoking.  And as seen in this picture

Such warmth here.

It is a bright, sunny day. Only sparingly are gritty scenes portrayed, as seen in the dreams and climax of the story.

Zimeta/Weber explained her process of drawing the comic as two steps. In the first, she drew all line work by pencil, scanning it without ink. After that, she made very few alterations to the line work, only adding in the colors. Using a watercolor like effect gives it an ability to go past the lines somewhat for wonderful color effects. All together the art style is completely left field of traditional comics. The storyline gives a heavy dose of symbolism, namely in three objects; a gun, a yellow ribbon, and a set of dog tags. The gun, owned by William, shows up multiple times as a reminder to the war, and as a method for him to communicate with Sonia. The ribbon, a gift from Sonia, helps keep William calm during the night when he recalls wartime horrors, such as the one William is waking up from here.

In this, he is running to save his brother.

The dog tags are truly the most important item in the series, as William gives them to Sonia, who has issues remembering, so that she would always remember who was there to help her. Every character Weber has made, and the entire storyline, express a small part of Webber’s thoughts and beliefs. Away from the comic, Weber has mentioned that she is going to a chiropractic school to help with finances. It is well known by her watchers that she is an Arizona native. As a side project, Zimeta critiques movies. She has recently begun a new comic Jupiter, which shows just as much promise as MtRC. It is being followed by her 2,501 watchers (as of this writing).

If there were anything I would copy from Zimeta is her storytelling style. With limited use of fantasy, no real hero-villain dynamic, and a developing love that follows a realistic procession, I would find ways to make a touching story while keeping a dramatic and action driven pace. Possibly something involving a bouncer at a bar. What I would change is definitely the art style. While beautiful, I simply do not feel like it is something I would do. I might use a similar line style, but the colors would be more solid, giving a pop art look. While having the colors, such as the purple seen here, provide a special way of shading, they also make it slightly difficult in discerning the characters from the background.

All in all, Weber is a talented artist with a strong sense of what she wants to make. I highly recommend taking a look at her work. While I might be heading in a different career field, many of the pieces are shared, namely characters and stories.


My Thinking… get out of my head you guys.

   My Thinking Styles*edit* Apologies on the picture size. Just open it in a new tab.

Hmm… well, suggest stuff to me then. Honestly, I have always thought of myself as a person that will hear you out, ask about some stuff, and then tell you what I think. My grandmother described me as a “silent leader”, someone that makes suggestions instead of commands, and I agree with that as well. So I guess I got an accurate test?



Hi! This opening blog is meant to introduce myself. My highschool works are over on my deviantArt page. go there if you feel like it, my name does not change there. My name is Tristen Huffman, I’m in college, like stories, games… god i sound lame. but I am not!

Now, what will i do here? not fully sure. might post my stories here as well as on the other sites I use, might have other things to do here as well.